Why I value my HBA membership – A testimonial from Thao Ross, BMS | HBA

Why I value my HBA membership – A testimonial from Thao Ross, BMS

On 29 March, HBA Tampa hosted the first program of 2017 with Mo Faul, a certified career and life coach who shared the process for creating and perfecting the elevator pitch and helped participants create an elevator pitch of their own. 21 HBA members and guests participated in this impactful workshop. 
Thao Ross, executive retail territory business manager, BMS, who attended the program recently shared the following summary of the event that she shared with her leadership:
“Mo (Faul) personally helped each of us with our less than 30 second “elevator sales pitch” about ourselves. It was interesting that she had each of us use our name, title and what we really do (in layman’s terms) in our pitch. It was very interesting to see how each job title and “what we really do” morphed from technical explanations to condensed strong statements. Mine was, “I manage the St. Pete territory with 175 physicians and help them to prevent deaths from blood clots.” Simple and to the point.
One of the key elements of this exercise was to help identify a past childhood experience which helped you define who you are as a person. This is key in ensuring you have confidence and passion for how you perform your job! 
Needless to say, I walked away energized and with a huge sense of comradery with my fellow HBA members. I recognize that many of us do not have a local HBA chapter to join, but if you have a local chapter in your MSA, it is a wise investment to join and most importantly to participate in events (even if they are web-based).
Thank you for supporting my membership to the HBA and I look forward to attending future events.”

Want to experience HBA Tampa for yourself? Be sure to attend our next event on 25 April, 5:30-8:30 PM at Hyatt Place Tampa Airport, with Pilar Ortiz, titled “Executive Presence: Own the Room, Be Influential and Leave an Impact”. Pilar is an award winning executive and leadership coach. Register for this event today.

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