Congratulations HBA Indiana bi-monthly volunteer: Blythe Logan


This award period we’d like to recognize a woman on our executive committee for rolling up her sleeves and getting dirty in no time at all. She’s taken on the role of director at large of operations with high energy, professionalism and passion for the task, no matter what it might be. Blythe is well organized, understands her HBA director role, has good relationships with her HBA peers and has amazing follow-through skills to make sure things get done. 

Already this year, Blythe has gone above and beyond to write summaries of our first event at Eli Lilly & Company and our second event with Roche’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, posting them to our chapter site and making them available for social media. She keeps us on task at our board meetings as well as the follow-up action items from them. 

While Blythe is new to the HBA, she has shown a passion for the HBA’s mission and core purpose, and is an ambassador of HBA’s Leadership Competency Framework: Enlighten, Empower, Engage and Evolve. We can expect to see more great things from Blythe in 2017.

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