A message from Tanzania Vinson, HBA Dallas-Fort Worth general manager: Meet Erica Zeplin

Dear HBA Dallas-Fort Worth,
I am impressed by the board and what we have accomplished in the last several weeks. We will be inviting everyone to attend our upcoming networking and charity event in a few days - keep an eye out for the announcement. Our team is growing - we have added committee chairs and volunteers to our list of active members. Thank you all for joining in the effort to help us build our affiliate in DFW. We will only succeed if we all work together.
Erica ZeplinOne of the board members helping us to stay connected is Erica Zeplin, director at large. It has been such a pleasure getting to know her over the last several months. Her main responsibilities include marketing and promoting events, writing our affiliate communications and posting content on social media platforms.
I asked Erica a few questions so you can get to know her better.
How did you learn about the HBA and why did you join? 
I’ve worked for Pfizer for over 20 years. Pfizer is a big supporter of the HBA. While working in our New York headquarters every few weeks, I was exposed to several HBA members and was impressed. So I joined the HBA three years ago with the hopes of becoming active in HBA Metro - I wanted to build my external network and meet new people. When I heard about the launch of an affiliate in Dallas, I immediately got involved. My interest now goes beyond my own desires and has expanded to helping other women in the DFW area grow professionally through leadership opportunities and building a network.
What is one thing that people are surprised to learn about you? 
I have a good sense of humor. When people get to know me, I commonly hear, “I didn’t know you are so funny.” I am reserved but when I get to know you, my fun shines through. There is nothing better than a good laugh and big smile.
Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?
My favorite vacation spot is Japan. Well, I have only been there for work, but I’m sure it will be my favorite someday. The people, culture and food are amazing – the wonders of Japan cannot be explained, they need to be experienced. I look forward to enjoying the country with loved ones.
I invite you to answer the same questions I asked Erica. We’d like to highlight you in upcoming newsletters.
And let us know how you'd like to get involved – we have volunteer spot waiting for you to fill.

Tanzania Vinson
HBA Dallas-Fort Worth general manager
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