Get the most from your HBA membership, a message from Kris Cappo, HBA Kansas City general manager

Dear Kansas City affiliate members and friends,

Welcome to the newly-formed HBA Kansas City affiliate. We are thrilled to be building the HBA presence in Kansas City and encourage you to get involved.

Do you know what HBA can do for you? Here are some of the ways you can get the most from your HBA membership:

Determine what you want to learn or achieve and ask
We all know women are typically independent in nature. We don’t always feel comfortable in speaking up and/or asking for the things that we want to learn or achieve. As a new HBA affiliate, we will be creating an environment that is focused on connecting, sharing and growing. Some of the many ways we plan to achieve this include:

  • Connections: we will be providing several networking opportunities to allow you the opportunity to connect with other women that will touch all aspects of the Kansas City  healthcare arena. We all know how important networking can be for growing business and potential future career opportunities. 
  • Sharing knowledge: we will be providing insights from key speakers who will be sharing their personal and professional experiences. Applying key learnings from what others have experienced can be valuable both personally and professionally.
  • Leadership and skill-building: we offer the opportunity for you to gain experience by volunteering in new areas or to take on a leadership role in a safe, supportive environment. You’ll gain new skills that will prove beneficial in your current and future roles.
  • Personal growth: there will be many opportunities to grow personally through various educational and motivational, growth-focused events. It is important for all of us to always grow personally to be the best we can be.
Take action with stepping forward.
Throughout 2016 and beyond, we will be providing many tools and opportunities to connect, share and grow. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to achieve your aspirations and greater success. Stake your claim and move forward with your plan. Get involved in HBA ansas City and explore roles and activities that will help you reach your goals.
I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our upcoming events.
Kris Cappo
HBA Kansas City afiliate general manager
HBA Kansas City affiliate board of directors
Here are some HBA Kansas City leaders who would love to hear from you. Reach out and explore what role or activity in the Kansas City will help you reach your goals.
Jill Forrest, vice president and director at large, corporate relations
Shelly Opoka, director at large, volunteers and membership
Sue Garnett, director at large, affliate advisor
Colette Wunderlich, director at large, marketing and communications
Vanessa Mittendorf, director-at-large, events and sponsorship
Michelle Slattery, director at large
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