HBA Boston chapter announces new Spark award for volunteer recognition

There’s a new award that’s lighting up the HBA Boston chapter beginning August 15. In recognition of volunteers who have distinguished themselves through ”little bursts of awesomeness”, the HBA Boston chapter is thrilled to launch a new recognition award called Spark.

“Any member of HBA can nominate a colleague who has demonstrated leadership and awesomeness in any capacity, large or small”, says Jessica Blaustein, HBA Boston chapter’s director of volunteer engagement. “This award is meant to highlight our committed and energetic volunteers for the work they do in making the HBA Boston chapter shine.”

Volunteers nominated for Spark should meet any or all of the following characteristics:

  • Attitude, collaboration, pitching in
  • Consistency and dependability
  • Proving leadership
  • Taking on a new challenge that benefits the organization
  • Building community by encouraging and supporting others

How nomination works:
Any HBA member can nominate someone for a Spark award. Spark award nominations should be submitted by the 15th of each month to Jhanvi Dangaria, volunteer awards recognition manager. Every qualified Spark award recipient will be recognized monthly via this newsletter and social media and winners receive a certificate that can be proudly displayed at the office. The volunteer awards recognition manager reserves the right to spread Spark recognition out, if too many Sparks occur in any given month.

Spark is different from the Boston chapter CAP (contribution and participation) award, the flagship award given quarterly to select volunteer(s) who have contributed extraordinary time and participation to the success of the chapter’s priorities.

Whether marketing, membership, programming, corporate relations or volunteer engagement, our chapter’s volunteers are the engine in our success. Please use this form to nominate someone you work with on a committee to recognize their special awesomeness.

Nominations are now open.

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