Next executive women event on 6/22 about Creating Successful Collaborations in the Healthcare Ecosystem, in partnership with the New York City Healthcare Business Leaders

Join the HBA Metro chapter’s executive women and NYC Health Business Leaders on 6/22 from 5:30–8:30 PM for an engaging evening of networking and discussion by key leaders in healthcare on creating successful collaborations across the healthcare ecosystem, showcasing successful partnerships from leading players (Pfizer’s Centers of Therapeutic Innovation, Univision and Montefiore, Rite Aid) that have gone beyond the traditional mold. Strategic cross-industry collaborations are critical in an increasingly complex environment and require utilizing and leveraging each partner’s capabilities to innovate, integrate knowledge, solve challenges and drive success. 

Come and hear from their experiences on how they made it happen and what's next, and participate in the debate.

See the exceptional panel and the event details here.

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