Join us April 29 for Energy Management: Maximizing for Peak Performance

Join the HBA Greater Philadelphia chapter on April 29 as part of our innovative Fit to Lead program, for “Energy for Performance in Life: Maximizing Your Energy for What Matters Most” with Jennifer Lea from the Human Performance Institute.

The session will be held from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at DePuy Synthes (1302 Wrights Lane East, West Chester, PA 19380). The cost for members is $35 and the online registration deadline is 4/28. Walk-in registration will be available. This is what participants can expect:

Training for optimal performance in life

Do you know how to manage your energy effectively?

Based on research from the Human Performance Institute, here are some common issues that were discovered at work when human energy is not managed appropriately:

  1. Suboptimal performance
  2. Disengagement
  3. Health issues
  4. Poor work-life balance

At this program you will learn how to make a positive and successful change in managing your energy resources.

Energy management. Increase your understanding of the theory and science to making this work.

Personal performance. Learn how to apply energy management techniques to expand your personal capacity and improve your performance.

Stress less. Acquire new skills to help you maintain your health and productivity in today’s stressful work environment.

This session is for everyone. It will teach participants energy management principles that, when applied, will drive high levels of performance, productivity and focus at work and at home. You will learn how to successfully manage your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy to maximize your performance without sacrificing health or happiness.

Ignite your energy and transform your professional performance with proven techniques from the Human Performance Institute.

To learn more, register today and join us on April 29.

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