Event recap: Fundamentals of Social Media

By Evan Owens Jr.

On February 20, 2014, The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Atlanta chapter gathered together for a professional development seminar on social media facilitated by guest speaker Trish Nettleship of UCB, Inc. More than 30 attendees listened attentively to Nettleship dish advice to the healthcare professionals on how to use social media to their advantage.

Prior to the dialogue on social media, HBA Atlanta chapter president Sharon Baldwin insisted all attendees stand and introduce themselves to make it more of a comfortable environment to network. “Power to the women” said healthcare administration graduate student Shaylynn Armstrong. After an entertaining round of introductions, Nettleship proceeded to discuss why social media is becoming a must in the healthcare business.

Nettleship made it an interactive and engaging conversation and the main take away point was that social media has a place in both our professional and personal lives. “Keep business connections on LinkedIn and your friends and family on Facebook,” said Nettleship.

When speaking on the relevance of social media to the healthcare business, Nettleship says “people make choices about their medical provider based off social media.” To back up her point, she presented an array of statistics that relayed that social media is a huge driver in empowering patients.

In a more direct scenario, Nettleship walked attendees through a slide that showed how social media could lead to clinical trials, lead generation and getting potential patients to view the branded page. A gem that was presented to the chapter was one must make it about your audience and not your brand when it comes to social media. “Who do you want to connect with and what do you want to achieve,” said Nettleship.

There were plenty of tips Nettleship suggested to the audience, below are a few that stuck out;

  • WebMD is the most accessed online resource by patients, social platforms follow after
  • If one is in business of some form, google plus is an important platform for search engine purposes
  • Respect patient confidentiality
  • Never disclose intellectual property
  • Always disclose who you work for

It was a successful event and the members enjoyed the expertise of Nettleship. The next event will be held on March 27 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at UCB, Inc. Portugal Conference room 1950 Lake Park Drive Smyrna, GA 30080. The topic of discussion will be mentors vs. sponsors and how beneficial are they to one’s career.

For registration questions, please contact us via email or 973-575-0606. 

HBA Atlanta chapter

HBA Atlanta chapter 

 Evan J. Owens Jr. is a marketing committee volunteer with the HBA Atlanta chapter. He is graduating with a public relations degree from Georgia State University in May 2014.

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