Rejuvenate: Lead from the inside out

Join the HBA Greater Philadelphia chapter on February 1 as part of our innovative Fit to Lead program, for “Leadership from the Inside Out: Yoga and Journaling tools for life” with Jennifer Schelter.

The session will be held from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Focus Fitness Main Line (1111 E Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010). The cost for the workshop is $40 and you must RSVP in advance to Ashley Tappan. Participants should bring a journal, a pen and water, plus a yoga mat (or plan to use the ones at the studio). Wear comfortable clothes and do not eat just prior to the workshop. Schelter offered the following perspective on the session and what participants can expect: 

Retreat into fitness and fulfillment    

Once you get to a certain age, there’s no shortage of pain, right?

Here's a list of the most common:

Lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Existential and life transitions pain. Hormonal/aging pain. Stress, burn out, "work/life balance" pain. Monkey mind, worry, anxiety pain. Money pain. And last but not least, the persistent chant of “lose 10 lbs” pain.

I’ve worked with over 40,000 women and men over the past 17 years and it’s safe to say, we all suffer from these common struggles and limitations. The only quick fix I’ve found is to set aside time to retreat and practice being kind and good to the body through yoga and track in a journal what works and what doesn’t. Whether it’s an hour retreat to a yoga class or a week long retreat, the “practice” of taking optimal care of your self needs a committed space. Let’s define terms.

What's a practice? A practice is a commitment to consistently study your own effectiveness and success at doing a task or skill within a specific and measurable time.

What's a retreat? A retreat is a committed time in a safe space to explore how you can best be rejuvenated or aligned with your well-being or life force.

Yoga and journaling for self-discovery    

Yoga and journaling for self-discovery are outstanding to track your own physical, mental and emotional fitness and awareness. Both benefit:

1. what you can do
2. what's working
3. what's possible

It’s been my experience, that we all want to feel strong, peaceful and relaxed in our own skin and to use our gifts and talents in diverse ways.

- Content and image courtesy of Jennifer Schelter

To learn more, please join us on February 1. Contact Ashley Tappan to RSVP or to learn more.



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