Congratulations to HBA SoCal chapter member Trina Schneider, winner of the HBA Leadership Conference Art & Science photo contest

Art & Science — “twin pillars of creativity and innovation in any dynamic culture.”

Art and science are often viewed at two ends of a philosophical spectrum when applied to leadership. Leadership Conference attendees submitted their works of art based on these twin pillars.

HBA Southern California chapter’s board of directors Secretary (2012- 2014), Trina Schneider, won first place for this inaugural HBA award.

Trina Schneider

Trina Schneider accepting her award at the sold out 2013 HBA Leadership Conference

Trina Schneider

Trina Schneider holding her award 

Ripples by Trina Schneider
Ripples by Trina Schneider

Award winning photo
Ripples: Trina Schneider, ZOLL
Artist’s description:  Most people look for a big legacy a “what have I done” that they can look back on. This is no different for an artist than for a scientist. This photo reminds us that an unseen ripple usually outweigh whatever we impact we think we’ve built or whatever impact we think we are having. Our life, as experienced by others; has a reality and impact we may never know about.

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