HBA Lyon’s inaugural event

Written by Andrea Murison

June 13, 2013, Sanofi-Pasteur, 2 Avenue Pont Pasteur 69007

Despite air and train strikes, monsoon-esque weather and a potential EU Anti-Terrorism Day, we are pleased to report that the HBA Europe chapter Lyon’s inaugural event was a success.

The Lyon team volunteers: Christine Mai, Vanessa Lopez, Adriana-Cristina Toma, Andrea Murison and Kasia Hein-Peters welcomed the guests. Ms. Hein-Peters acted as host for our first ever event at Sanofi-Pasteur. With over 70 guests, the volunteers were kept busy.

Bernadette Hendrickx, Sanofi Pasteur senior medical and scientific advisor to the CEO, gave opening remarks about gender equality at Sanofi Pasteur. She encouraged everyone to continue to be persistent with our mission, as a good balance of women and men at the management level is best for business.

Gabriele Matthias, HBA Europe chapter president, joined us to help kick start the HBA Lyon affiliate. She shared her experience both in the industry and how she joined the HBA and helped start the HBA European chapter. 

We were lucky to be joined by two prestigious speakers: Carolyn Gauntlett, IMS Health and Marion Chapsal, Geronimo Executive Coaching. They were welcomed by a mixed audience of women and a few men.

Ms. Gauntlett gave an overview of the “Changing Face of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies”. She asked two important questions:

1) What is the evolution of the current “top 10”?

2) What does this mean for innovation in the industry?

Her talk provided helpful insight towards what is to be expected in the future of the pharmaceutical industry. IMS predicts several occurrences: “The dominance of the protected product dependent, research based model in the Top 10 will be broken over the next 5-10 years” and that “The innovation focused companies will still be big, but absolute size in the protected prescription market will fall.” And of course, “It is also possible in the next five to ten years that completely new business models start to emerge and are successful enough to maintain or drive companies into the Top 10.” (IMS Health-White Paper) The audience was quite engaged and posed many questions on Ms. Gauntlett’s experience in the field of payers, emerging markets and generic drugs.

Following the talk on industry, Ms. Chapsal joined us to give an overview of “Presentation Skills for Women Leaders” that focused on the cultural and psycho-social environment in which women are educated and how to overcome common mistakes women make when presenting. Several questions and comments were posed, some focused on the cultural differences between France and Anglo-Saxon countries, other comments focused on real-life situations from participants. Her lively presentation created a great atmosphere of exchange between everyone at the event and the perfect segue towards the networking portion of the evening.

The networking part of the event went late into the evening and proved to be a huge success for the HBA Europe chapter Lyon affiliate. The bar is high for HBA Lyon’s next event. Stay tuned for the next event in the autumn.

For more information on IMS Health’s White Paper, please click here.

HBA-Lyon events team

HBA Europe chapter president Gabriele Matthias introducing the HBA for the first time in Lyon

A dynamic audience for this inaugural event


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