HBA member testimonial: Curiosity piqued

written by Susan Chen, scientist, Bayer HealthCare; HBA San Francisco chapter membership committee

Susan Chen

I received a PhD in Biochemistry and am currently working on analytical assay development. I decided to join the HBA after a ‘lunch and learn’ event at Bayer in December 2012. I then attended the ‘HBA volunteer onboarding’ event. It was a great introduction to HBA programs and member benefits, especially various volunteer opportunities to explore and make the most of my HBA membership. I decided to join the HBA membership committee and became active in the meetings. My fellow committee members have encouraged me to be more engaged in HBA. They have been generous, passionate and inspiring. Meetings are always full of joy and laughter.

In my volunteer role, I collect testimonials from HBA raffle winners. It has been a joyful task learning about so many amazing women and their career paths. Each time I read a testimonial, I am proud to be associated with HBA. I enjoy taking the small steps necessary to collect and share testimonials impacting HBA membership growth.  In addition, the HBA has provided excellent programs and networking opportunities. I have learned about different areas in healthcare and possible career paths. Networking with professionals and attending events help me further define career goals and expand my horizon. Becoming an HBA member and membership volunteer at the early stage of my career has been a great decision. I highly encourage others to get involved with HBA, attend HBA events and ‘like’ our Facebook page for updates and event photos.

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