HBA San Francisco chapter new member raffle winner

by Shweta Hakre, Postdoctoral Fellow, J David Gladstone Institute

I currently volunteer for HBA San Francisco chapter’s volunteer engagement and market research committees and won the 1:1 Career Coaching session with Kate Utt for the new membership raffle awarded at the “Investment Trends in the Healthcare Industry “ event. I am trained in molecular and cellular biology and virology and am passionate to learn more about the healthcare field.  

I was initially introduced to the HBA via LinkedIn. I decided to attend an HBA volunteer onboarding event earlier this year to network with other healthcare professionals and to grow professionally in the arena of healthcare. I was impressed by the HBA volunteer onboarding event and promptly joined thereafter. In addition to volunteering, I also became a mentee in the HBA’s mentoring program offered to members. My participation in committees, programs and events has allowed me to grow my professional network and to learn more about changing trends in healthcare. I value my interactions with a diverse group of healthcare professionals at all levels who have a genuine interest in my career growth, Since joining the HBA, I have developed new skills and expanded my analytical acumen instrumental to continued professional development. I am thrilled to have won the new member raffle and I look forward to sharing what I learn from my career coaching sessions.

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