HBA San Francisco chapter membership renewal raffle winner

by Meggin Taylor, research associate, Cocrystal Discovery, Inc.

I am currently a volunteer for the HBA San Francisco chapter’s membership committee and last month attended the Investment Trends in the Healthcare Industry event and won the 1:1 Career Coaching session with Carolyn White for the quarterly renewing membership raffle. I was first introduced to the HBA by casually attending an event with a colleague. I later become a member and participated in the mentorship program. The organized events for the mentorship participants were fantastic and the mentors were a great source of career development insight and encouragement. I am very grateful for the opportunity and experience to have been a part of the HBS San Francisco chapter’s mentorship program. 

In my fellow membership committee members, I find a constant willingness to help me identify and develop specific skills for my personal career advancement within a generous and enthusiastic professional environment. By attending HBA events, I gain access to thought-provoking programming that is both current and pertinent to important trends in the healthcare industry. I also value the opportunities to meet and interact with a diverse group of highly skilled professionals. In closing, I look forward to career coaching and discussing how to approach my long term career strategically as well as obtaining feedback on a short term plan that can help with potential next steps.

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