Ernst & Young and the HBA Metro chapter partner to analyze the Affordable Care Act impact

Beginning this fall, healthcare reform will bring sweeping changes to the way the system provides and sells healthcare. As policies and agreements are put in place at the federal and state levels, payers, providers and patients alike will be navigating a new marketplace and seeking to find the right balance in access, allocation and innovation. Continuing the series of events exploring the Affordable Care Act implications for the sector’s leading corporations, the HBA Metro chapter and Ernst & Young will host an event delving into the legislation’s impact on June 5, 2013.   

“As the dynamics of our industry shift, it is imperative to understand the emerging change happening to stay on the cutting edge of health innovation,” said Kathleen Fitzpatrick, HBA Metro chapter president. “Companies ill-prepared for operating in a post-reform environment will find themselves unable to take advantages of market opportunities. The HBA Metro chapter has aligned itself with partners, like Ernst & Young, that will give our members the intellectual capital and edge to outperform competitors.” 

Held at the Ernst & Young corporate offices in New York City, speakers include Dyan Bryson, vice president of patient enablement services at Indegene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd.; Dave DeMarco, PhD, northeast life science partner at Ernst & Young; Catherine Tak Piech, vice president of health economics & outcomes research at Janssen; MaryAnne Rizk, PhD, president, Rizk Management Consulting; Peter Tolias, PhD, director of Center for Healthcare Innovation and a professor in the department of chemistry at Stevens Institute of Technology. 

The keynote and expert panel will explore:  

  • Key innovation drivers affecting the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry 
  • Behavioral changes necessary in order to achieve strategic healthcare value 
  • Leading innovation required to adapt the new regulations, new markets and new relationships as the industry continues to evolve and converge 

"Partnerships and collaborations are becoming the new norm for healthcare as companies look to capitalize on innovation outside their own walls,” said MaryAnne Rizk, PhD, panel expert and president, Rizk Management Consulting. “We’re proud to share in the healthcare reform mission for greater alliance synergies by gathering stakeholders representing patients, biopharmaceuticals, academia, industry consultants and technology partnership providers. Together, these panelists will share disruptive innovation strategies that are required for the future of healthcare." 

More information and registration can be found on the HBA Metro chapter website

Follow the event live on Twitter via @HBAnet_metro.  

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