Mentees thoughts on the HBA San Francisco chapter mentoring program

 Angela Sanchis

by Angela Sanchis, mentee, 2012 mentoring program

The HBA San Francisco chapter mentoring program leverages best practices from HBA chapters across the country to help ensure both mentors and mentees have an unsurpassed experience. The six-month program is conducted in a group-mentoring format with four large events and monthly smaller group meetings. The larger events focus on leadership and development, featuring assessment and training tools and career panels of senior women in biotech sharing their experiences. The smaller meetings allow for more intimate sharing and empower mentees to get personal advice and individualized problem solving support.

After participating in 2012, I found the mentoring program to be an incredible experience; I felt supported and encouraged in a safe environment where both mentors and mentees shared openly. I highly recommend the mentoring program no matter what your current career level. I developed close friendships and reinforced that change is key. The mentoring program also helped me regain motivation and confidence. It felt great knowing I was able to inspire others and also be inspired in return. I was empowered to see other women embrace new challenges and support their career development as well as getting support in return with personal career goals. If you have not yet participated in the mentoring program, I highly recommend doing so next year.


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