Contemporary female warriors: who are the modern female gladiators?

Contemporary female warriors
who are the modern female gladiators?
Raffaella Borea interviews Barbara Gerber

D Di Repubblica , online magazine April 29, 2013

Barbara Gerber, senior director client services, Europe InterbrandHealth, promotes professional advancement of women in the healthcare sector. The modern female warrior affirms her value without forgetting her own nature, and uses her professional competence and skills as weapons putting aside any fear or hesitation. Why?  "Our best projects are born out of self awareness " and from the "desire to build a future of merit." The HBA, the non profit association whose mission is to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide, operates in this direction. Barbara contributed to the foundation and development of the HBA Europe chapter in 2006. "Women’s presence in the world of healthcare is extensive and constantly growing from junior to middle levels, but when you look at the higher ranks it gets drastically minimal. I decided to try and help changing this trend through the HBA by organizing events and seminars focused on the professional development of women in this sector across several European countries: Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, UK. Networking sessions are also part of these events. At the HBA we aim at bringing down the barriers blocking the advancement of women in healthcare. Battling for this cause helped me getting a deeper awareness of my capabilities and limits and taught me to fight for my beliefs without backing away if things get complicated. I learnt that you can stand for a good cause you believe in, for an ideal, for a career advancement and use passion, integrity, keeping a responsible and honest attitude and words. I learnt at my expense that you need to act and talk about your actions, letting people know and recognize your value. We shouldn’t be shy about promoting the  maternity of our own projects and actions. The warrior I have become is open to dialogue and discussion. I am prepared to defend my actions with competence and rationality but I am ready and can accept advice and critics without feeling intimidated”



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