What is Fit to Lead?

Fit to Lead is a pilot program the HBA Greater Philadelphia chapter is launching this year to provide our members with opportunities to develop multiple aspects of leadership. 

Leaders today must be fit – mentally, emotionally and physically - to handle stress, maintain focus, address challenges, improve engagement and motivate others. 

Employees at all levels are expected to sustain high performance in the face of increasing pressure and rapid change. Because of this, many workplaces have taken a much closer look at overall fitness and its link to enhanced productivity and better results.

Recognizing these challenges and trends, the chapter has designed a new initiative called Fit to Lead which will focus on leadership and ‘management from within’. It is a novel program that we are testing to see if our members like it and a supplement to the exceptional programming already in the works.

Fit to Lead will officially launch on June 22 when 13 intrepid chapter members take on a physical challenge – to complete the Philadelphia TriRock Triathlon.*

However, the Fit to Lead challenge does not stop at the finish line. Upcoming activities will include dine-around programs with experts, Walk in the Park networking, TriMe events and other fun contests.

Please come out to cheer for our triathlon team on June 22nd and take part in other Fit to Lead activities throughout the year. 

More information will be coming soon.

For sponsorship information, please contact us.

* Participation in triathlon is voluntary and all participants do so at their own risk.

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