Disrupt your thinking: How organizations transform thinking to win in today’s healthcare marketplace

by Stacey DeFilippo

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  • Get strategically original  
  • Change to win

Surviving in today’s healthcare marketplace and positioning your brand successfully requires a shift from the traditional “feature/functional” focus to a “human experience” proposition.

Laura Barry, sr. director of AbbVie Marketing Analytics & Business Insights, and Janet Winkler, founder of in-sync and president of in-sync group, a division of Publicis Healthcare Consulting, engaged the HBA Chicago chapter last Thursday evening in a thought-provoking presentation about differentiation and brand success.

Lululemon is an inspiring example of brand success. Chip Wilson experienced a yoga class for the first time in the mid-1990’s. He sensed that yoga would become popular. He observed that everyone in his class was wearing clothing not well suited for yoga. He developed a fabric that stretches, washes well and wicks moisture: luon. Instead of focusing luon’s brand solely on its function (stretches well, anti-stink), he made luon about the human experience: “elevate the world from mediocrity.” He inspired and brought the brand vision to life. He created a full experience- from their inspirational bags.. to Sunday AM classes for beginners at their stores.. to a fantastically engaging website. They went from yoga brand to the motivation business.

Lululemon exemplifies the 3 key elements needed to win in today’s marketplace:

1. Think human centric: aim for a more meaningful connection with your customer and speak to a human desire. Apple is another great example of this in their brand positioning: “the power to be your best.”

2. Inventively reframe the business you are in: get to know your consumer and how your consumer connects w your brand. What is your customer living, feeling, doing and how can you better satisfy his/her needs?

3. Create experiential solns that embrace service, not sell: the human preference is to choose rather than to be sold. Change up the experience for your consumer.

Laura and Janet stressed that we cannot continue to do the things we are used to doing and expect to succeed.  Their advice: 1) get to know your customer and how your customer connects to your product or service; 2) go from selling a feature or function to providing a service that appeals to a human desire; 3) seek to understand the physician, patient and payer journey; 4) put the patient’s needs, wants and desires at the forefront of everything you do.

Disrupt your thinking…get strategically original…change to win.

HBA Chicago chapter


HBA Chicago chapter


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