HBA Metro chapter recap of Game Changing Trends and Opportunities: Innovation in Biopharma

HBA/Women In Science recently collaborated with Purdue University to host a panel discussion called Game Changing Trends and Opportunities: Innovation in Biopharma.  Objectives of this event were to:

• Discover alternative and evolving perspectives of innovation in the drug development model
• Discuss innovative strategies in bio-pharma that are shaping R&D and business models, including non-traditional partnerships and incorporation of new technologies
• Explore how the current pharma model of ‘closed/vertical’ innovation can be adapted to foster corporate open innovation; and
• Meet industry colleagues for an extended networking session

The audience gathered to discuss what “innovation” means in practical and actionable terms. Speakers included:

• Dr. Barbara Dalton, VP, venture capital, worldwide business development & innovation, Pfizer
• Dr. Peter Farina, executive in residence, New York corridor, Canaan Partners
• Dr. Susan Froshauer, CEO & president, CURE
• Christopher K. McLeod, angel investor, retired president and chief executive officer, 454 Life Sciences

Click here for a slideshow presenting highlights from the event.

Groups audience: