HBA Chicago chapter May Volunteer of the Month

Submitted by Sheri Staak

In May 2013, the HBA Chicago chapter recognized Susan Rajkovich, head of communication on the marketing team, as Volunteer of the Month. Susan is responsible for all the marketing materials to support the monthly programs as well as the enewsletter called Windy City. Susan has worked tirelessly making sure the newsletter for Q1 and flyers for the programs were complete to promote the highly valuable evening program events to drive attendance. This year the events have had super turn out. Susan has shown great teamwork working with the programming committee to support the events marketing and drive this outstanding attendance. Susan was nominated by Sheri Staak, marketing director at large.

Susan has been a HBA member for about one year after being invited by Pamela Landau, a former colleague as well as attending several events that were outstanding. Susan felt the professionalism and quality of women in the group was excellent. Susan has made some fantastic friendships and have had fun in her short time with the HBA by volunteering on the marketing committee. Susan’s advice to others thinking about joining the HBA Chicago chicago….. I highly recommend join the HBA and when you join be sure to volunteer - you will speed up the process of getting to know people.

The HBA Chicago chapter applauds Susan for their time, energy and commitment to helping other women.




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