HBA Metro chapter announces new board members

Member value and positive volunteer experiences have been the HBA Metro chapter’s primary objectives during 2012. At the annual business meeting held Monday, October 15, Metro President Terry Beebe Thomas reviewed the top accomplishments and financial status for the chapter. “It has been a tough, but terrific year for the HBA Metro chapter. We exceeded our membership goals, member retention goals and surpassed our projected revenue numbers. HBA Metro chapter profitability margins could have been better, but overall great work by the 2012 chapter board.”

Several strategic initiatives were developed for chapter growth in 2013, namely full board reorganization and a revamp of program offerings. The board created an overarching program theme called the 4 I’s – Insight, Inspire, Influence, Interact. We reframed our program styles so these themes were easy to understand and would entice members to engage.

The HBA Metro chapter board is moving to a co-director and regional program director operating plan. This allows for more opportunities to zero target programs and provide value for our members in our New York, CT, north, central and south Jersey areas. Large volunteer teams are now being developed, so if you are interested please contact Cathi Pariser or Sheryl Littman.

The HBA Metro chapter has also partnered individuals in the functional board director roles to share the large workload that we have in our chapter. We will now have board co-directors for marketing, membership, corporate partners, volunteer engagement and regional programs for NY, CT as well as north, central and south New Jersey.

We want to thank all of our volunteers and committee members who have helped make 2012 a success. Our marketing teams enhanced the development of our social media platforms and provided consistent promotion and outreach for our events. This newsletter is also a testimonial to the engaged members working to help promote the HBA message and partnerships.

Our corporate partner and membership committees worked tirelessly not only to grow membership but also to provide connectivity to new members who came on board with the chapter. The HBA Metro chapter held ten  “lunch and learns” with our corporate partners to share the HBA story and how engagement can help drive careers to new heights.

The diversity and inclusion teams analyzed new partner companies in the biotech landscape, and, along with our SWAT teams, reached out to new potential corporate partners. This created some exciting new connections for us.

Our program teams endured some heavy leadership transitions but nevertheless continued to produce top level programs. At each event the teams provided additional added value opportunities for members and volunteers. Over 2,300 people attended our events though September, 2012.

The Executive Women’s Outreach program teams finished up the pilot Circle of Advisors program which was rated very highly by participants. This peer-to-peer program will continue in 2013. The EWO team also offered EWB opportunities as a first time ever – to our NYC and CT members – and these are sure to be resounding successes.

Our volunteer teams and the new Careers In Transition affinity group made great strides creating new connections for our members. 

The marketing research team successfully provided analytics and member behavior analysis to help our chapter meet our members’ needs. These analytics helped drive a number of strategic tweaks during the year.

Metro participated in a global initiative with Dress for Success and 2012 HBA Metro Risings Stars. Our volunteer teams made this happen.

After a two year hiatus, Metro re-instituted an advisory board. These sixteen distinguished executive men and women participated in an intensive all-day strategic planning session. The keys to our future are the engagement of senior women, corporate partner growth, member retention, engaging our rising stars and expanding beyond pharma. Thanks to the plans outlined by this board, the landscape ahead for the HBA Metro chapter is shining bright with promise and opportunities.

It is with great thanks that I acknowledge all of our directors and volunteers for making our chapter continue to be one of the largest driving forces within the overall HBA population. A special thanks goes to my executive committee: Kathy Fitzpatrick, Tint Tint Yap, Kirsten Gebert, Beth Everett and Megan Montgomery. Beth will be missed. These individuals endured some heavy transition and continuous re-onboarding during our year of massive change. Each of you has been stellar. Thank you.

It is with great pride that we introduce the 2013 HBA Metro chapter board which was approved at the annual business meeting.

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