HBA Metro chapter recap and video of "Personalized Medicine: Is it our future?"

This is the Women in Science HBA Metro chapter’s venue on “Personalized Medicine: Is it our future?” which was hosted at Bristol-Myers Squibb facility in Plainsboro, NJ. The event was well attended by the HBA board members including Megan Montgomery and Adrienne L. Robinson. Terry Beebe Thomas, president of HBA Metro chapter, gave the HBA opening remarks. The Co-Leads of this venue were Deshanie Rai, senior scientist at DSM, and Alana Taratuska, scientific liaison from Harvard Medical School, who organized a panel of five expert speakers on personalized medicine. They both were well-supported by Jean Hom Chow, WIS chairperson and the WIS committee members: Florence Brellier, Keating Theng Chow, Ashley Goss and Lisa S. Weiss, as well as other HBA and BMS volunteers. Attendance was over 90 at this highly-anticipated event and the WIS Team are already planning for Personalized Medicine II for 2013, as well as two other exciting venues.

View a video slideshow of the event.

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