Celebrating Atlanta's future stars: 2012 mentoring program celebration

The HBA Atlanta chapter celebrated the inspiring accomplishments of all the mentees and mentors of this year, from various professions and organizations on November 15, 2012 at the City Club of Buckhead. Following the celebration, several mentees were approached to share further details about their overall experiences and takeaways from the program. By interviewing and gathering testimonials from mentees, it was evident that they built relationships and sought out guidance from established mentors and, in the process, learned a great deal about their professional skill sets and areas of needed growth.

Casey Mathews, CNS Marketing Services project coordinator, UCB, Inc., mentioned that having the opportunity to gain fresh perspectives from industry veterans was a key motivating factor for her to join the program. Casey leveraged the mentoring program to acquire feedback and direction in preparing and presenting herself for a managerial position in her company. Mentors and supporting mentees prepared Casey above and beyond in the process, from resume review to determining alternate paths for career advancement, while also instilling hope and confidence in her. Moreover, she explained, “It really allowed me the opportunity to have regular feedback in a safe environment and to determine my next steps.”  

As such, the mentoring program has been valuable to several mentees to spark discussions on a wide variety of topics, ranging from identifying key strengths to exploring self-doubts or hidden vulnerabilities. Another mentee, Denise M. Jones, PDMA/Compliance manager, UCB, Inc., recalled how the discussion with her group on the book Play like a Man, Win like a Woman by Gail Evans allowed them to identify their weaknesses and feel comfortable in breaking the glass ceiling to allow for additional growth. Denise acclaimed, “I have thoroughly enjoyed working and collaborating with my colleagues during this time and have already committed to those inside and outside of my group to continue to come together for discussions on any and everything that matters within our world.”

Furthermore, the mentoring program has been instrumental in motivating people to step out of their comfort zones and work towards greater possibilities and opportunities. Shawn Dortch, executive assistant, Legal Affairs, UCB, Inc., shared how her mentors and mentees were “game changers” in enabling her to develop new skills and dedicate her strengths to a wide variety of causes, including volunteering for worthwhile foundations such as the Lupus Foundation of America and Epilepsy Foundation. Shawn also commended her experienced mentor Jane Petty, senior director, Sales Force, Purdue Pharma L.P., for encouraging her group to explore new approaches to projects. Shawn said, “Whether you are just getting into the healthcare industry, well established in your career, transitioning or just unsure of the next level, the mentors as well as mentees can work with you to help figure it all out. The HBA mentoring program is positive, strengthening and powerful for women in the industry that are looking for guidance and/or confirmation of the blessings meant for them.”

The HBA Atlanta chapter is looking forward to another successful, motivating and rewarding mentoring program in the upcoming year.  As described in this article, you may be surprised how much you can learn from one another. For more information, contact Lynn Duran, 2013 HBA Atlanta chapter director at large of the mentoring program. The mentoring program kick-off will be on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at UCB, Inc. Additional details and registration will be posted on www.hbanet.org soon.


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