Natalie Benamou named HBA Chicago chapter HBA LEAD award recipient

By Diane Karija

At the HBA, we truly value our volunteers. They are the foundation of our organization. We are 100% supported by volunteers; without them we surely would not have an organization. As a result, we try to recognize these invaluable people at every turn.

Each year we elect one special chapter volunteer for the LEAD award. This year the HBA Chicago chapter has awarded that honor to Natalie Benamou.

Natalie BenamouNatalie Benamou has served with distinction on the HBA Chicago chapter board in her role as secretary. But when the director-at-large (DAL) for programming had to resign in February, Natalie stepped in as interim DAL, like a knight in shining armor. She rapidly addressed the immediate programming concerns, overhauled outdated processes, enlisted troops of new volunteers, implemented six months of programming and created a plan for the entire year. In a word, she was magnificent and pulled the chapter through a very critical period. Thanks to her outstanding leadership, our chapter has had a successful year of programming and is poised for continued success next year. 

Natalie’s willingness to step into a difficult situation and take on a second board role shows amazing dedication to the HBA, and the highest level of personal integrity. As interim programming DAL, she went beyond event planning and rebuilt the organization so it can succeed for years to come.

The LEAD award honors a chapter volunteer who has met the following criteria:

  • Served as a volunteer for at least six months and made a significant contribution during the current calendar year
  • Demonstrated excellence via sustained contributions at a regional level
  • Positively impacted the chapter and its ongoing success
  • Exemplified leadership excellence overall
  • Demonstrated dedication to the HBA mission of furthering the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide
  • Created a positive influence and impact on others

The HBA Chicago chapter extends hearty congratulations to Natalie and thanks her for dedication to the HBA’s mission. 

There is no “I” in team, but we’re sure glad there is “u” in our volunteers.

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