HBA mentoring - pay back time

By Sheri Staak and Lydia Rohn

“We exist temporally through what we take, but we live forever through what we give.” Doug M. Lawson

Lydia RohnBehind every successful executive has been a supportive family, many great friends and also at least one mentor. In all industries it is well known that learning directly from someone who has been successful is the easiest, and, I might add, a fun way to learn. Many years ago young people learned through apprenticeships. Although apprenticeship was probably intense on the job training, mentoring today is still on the job training. It just happens to be done either one on one or in small group settings. Being women of the HBA, we know how physicians learn by the saying  “see one, do one, teach one.” Is that not mentoring? It is. Who wants to make mistakes with their career or on the job if they don’t have to? I know I certainly made my share of mistakes but all part of the lessons learned that I look forward to sharing with others so they don’t have to make the same mistake. Do you want to explore tough topics like working for a difficult boss or having a difficult colleague you have to deal with? Want to ask for a raise but don’t know how? Want to leave a company and switch careers and need help getting started? Mentoring can help you find your path forward, confidence and your inner voice to take the next step. Besides, who wants to try to figure out career problems solely on your own? So that is WIIFU (what’s in it for you). What’s in it for the mentor?

Mentoring is one of the greatest give backs for women who have come up through the ranks. They appreciate how powerful it was for them and want to pass it along. Not everyone has the time in their busy careers or busy lives that want to mentor. No need to feel guilty if that time is not available right now. At some point in the future it will be. The women that take the time to mentor strongly believe in development of people as one of their missions. They believe in helping other women become successful. It really is very rewarding and wonderful to see young women grow and advance their careers in healthcare.

Do you ever watch The VOICE on TV? If you do, then you know talented singers get the opportunity to audition and select a coach of their choice to help them become better. The HBA Chicago chapter started an initiative through Lydia Rohn, director-at-large, mentoring, called a mentoring round table. It is group coaching by a successful healthcare industry executive. Just like on The VOICE where you get coaching from Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green or Adam Levin, you can sign up for a “coach/mentor” from a seasoned HBA Chicago chapter executive. All you have to be is a member of the HBA Chicago chapter and for a small investment you can sign up for this very popular round-table mentoring session. 

The HBA Mentoring program continues to provide great value for HBA membership across the country. Based on geography, mutual goals and interests, two mentors and four mentees are matched to form an intimate mentoring circle where information, ideas, motivation and advice are shared. The 2012 Mentoring program wrapped up six months of great interactions on November 1 with a celebration event at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. This year’s program supported nine circles and close to 60 participants - a 20% increase from prior years. Promotion for next year’s program will begin promptly - stay tuned to our chapter website and upcoming events for more information from the mentoring committee, or contact Lydia Rohn.

Come join the HBA and become a mentor or a mentee.

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