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The HBA Leadership Conference content team is thrilled to announce our workshops for the conference.

The HBA Leadership Conference content team is thrilled to announce our workshops for the conference. Please download this PDF will full descriptions and learning objectives for all of the workshops and use this to note your selections to speed your registration process.

Harnessing the Increasing Influence of Patient and Professional Advocacy Groups
Presenter: Christie Anbar, head of Chandler Chicco Agency, New York
Co-presenter: Marissa Magnetti, Chandler Chicco Agency

Explore how the current health landscape has affected the role of advocacy groups and healthcare professionals, increasing their selectivity in working with industry. This workshop will focus on how to engage with these key stakeholders and communicate about their influence with your clients and organization. Through relevant, real-world examples and lessons learned with immediate application, participants will work in breakout sessions to discuss factors that influence and affect advocacy interactions and identify best practices for engagement in an ever-shifting healthcare environment.


Courageous Coaching: It's Not Easy, It's Your Job
Presenter: Marjorie Brody, CSP, PCC, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, president and CEO, BRODY Professional Development

Tackle the fear factor, learn to ask questions that get people thinking differently and overcome the “I don’t know how” excuse by learning how to give specific and honest feedback. Coaching direct reports isn’t always easy, but as the manager, it is your job. This interactive session will focus on coaching models that can be applied in any business environment and that create a culture of courageous coaching and enhanced relationships.

The Charisma Edge: Nine Levers for Turning On Your Leadership Power
Presenter: Cynthia Burnham, speaker, charisma coach, and author, The Charisma Edge

Learn to carry yourself with greater authority to command greater respect and attention, speak with deeper gravitas so your message is heard and followed, connect more quickly with important people and feel more authentically confident and powerful. This story-and-exercise-based program uses current research about the brain/body connection and natural human wiring to understand how charisma can be a learnable skill and is a key differentiator for personal, business and leadership success. Participants will discover the “nine levers of charisma” that can be used to develop a powerful executive presence and gain immediate practical tips for becoming more confident, influential and inspiring.


Extraordinary Female Leadership: Vision is the Differentiator
Presenter:  Becky Dannenfelser, partner, Clearwater Consulting Group
Co-presenter:  Shirley Wulf, senior leadership consultant and executive coach, Clearwater Consulting Group

This interactive workshop will help you learn how to build self-awareness, assess your leadership toolkit and gain substantive strategies for getting ahead. The presenters will facilitate group exploration of key strategies that enhance visioning skills and increase awareness of the obstacles women face getting ahead.  Participants also will improve their understanding of leading vs. managing, while positioning for the corner office. In fact, many research efforts have found that vision is the one element of leadership that proves to be the differentiator between leading and managing and it is precisely the one leadership competency where women fall short when compared to men. Even though women outshine men in many – if not most – leadership dimensions, research tells us that women find it harder to claim their accomplishments, let go of their old roles and build allies for success. So come prepared to explore why women need to understand the “vision thing” to get ahead.


The Improvisation Edge: Women and Executive Presence
Presenter: Karen Hough, founder and CEO, ImprovEdge, LLC

This high-energy, interactive workshop will impart four improvisation secrets that can radically improve how you are perceived as a leader, because in the business world, perception strongly influences reality.  Learn how to effectively use your communications skills and how to successfully build vital relationships.  Successful improvisers think on their feet and, using humor, exercises and case studies, participants will learn to apply improvisation techniques to build trust, manage difficult conversations in a positive way and effectively connect with people up and down the ranks.


Personalized Medicine - Implications for the Healthcare Ecosystem
Presenter: Walter Kalmans, president, Lontra Ventures
Co-presenter: Roslyn F. Schneider, MD, senior director of medical affairs, Pfizer Inc.
Co-presenter: Sharon Henry, MD, vice president of global medical affairs, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Gain deeper understanding of the various ways in which personalized medicine is changing healthcare by actively participating in a moderated case workshop. Walk out with some ideas for helping your company and managing your career.  When one thinks through the implications of personalized medicine, it becomes quite clear that current discovery, development, regulatory, sales and marketing, and reimbursement frameworks need to be better prepared for the changes that are coming. It is imperative that companies develop a common understanding of the changes ahead, so a cohesive strategy and set of actions can be implemented across the entire corporation. 


The Power of a Story: How to Use Storytelling to Captivate, Persuade and Enroll
Presenter: Judi Ketteler, writer and copy strategist

Learn how to fine tune your storytelling skills, pick the right story and reframe an existing presentation, speech, proposal or resume into a compelling story in this interactive workshop.  Because we live in a world of fast forwarding and instant everything, the average attention span has dropped to seconds. Participants in this interactive storytelling clinic will learn a powerful tool for building a narrative arc that gives people a concrete process to craft their own stories for their specific goals and connect in a meaningful way to command attention and move others to action.


Getting a Seat at the Table: How Women in Healthcare Can Land the Leadership Roles They Want
Presenter: Lynda McDermott, president, EquiPro International Ltd.

Are you sitting at the leadership table of your career right now or where you want to be two to three years from now? Do you have a game plan for getting there? Are you building an all-star team who will coach, mentor and sponsor your career journey? Many women who aspire to higher leadership positions remain caught in the middle. Research indicates that there are three must-have leadership skills that women leaders need to master for roles and positions best suited to their skills, interests, abilities and dreams. Participants in this workshop will be challenged to analyze how their past leadership experiences have shaped the leaders they are today by engaging in self-reflection and sharing insights with fellow participants. At the end of the program, participants will have an action plan to start today becoming the leaders they want to be tomorrow.


Coaches, Mentors and Sponsors: Why You Need This Trio on Your Professional Journey to the Summit
Presenter: Hayley Norman, regional sales director, GlaxoSmithKline
Co-presenter: Stephanie Melnick, CEO, The Melnick Group
Co-presenter: Sandra Rice, area vice president of US oncology, GlaxoSmithKline
Co-presenter: William Sheldon, past president and COO Eisai Inc and 2001 HBA Honorable Mentor


In this workshop, participants will examine the differences between coaches, mentors and sponsors, and the implications each has on professional development. The participant will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of each role and the disciplined approach needed to identify and secure the right coach, mentor and sponsor. In addition, the participant will understand the gender differences between the three relationships through a panel discussion featuring Bill Sheldon, past president and COO of Eisai Inc, and HBA’s first Honorable Mentor in 2001, and Sandy Rice, area vice president of US oncology at GlaxoSmithKline. This workshop will provide ground-breaking insights and the real-world tools needed for women to advance and embark on their professional journey to the summit.


Pitfalls and Possibilities in Today's Health Policy Environment
Primary Presenter: Allison May Rosen, Chandler Chicco Companies
Co-presenter: Kelly Bingel, partner, Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti Inc.
Co-presenter: Al Jackson, Chandler Chicco Companies
Co-presenter: Colette Desmarais, Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti Inc.

Learn how to better understand the implications of policy and political changes affecting the healthcare landscape in day-to-day healthcare business decision-making with this team of inside-the-beltway policy and communications experts. The duo will outline the pitfalls awaiting those who ignore the challenges and the possibilities from smart engagement. This workshop, just days after the 2012 election and following the Supreme Court decision on the new healthcare law, will help put both in perspective and provide a framework for how to thrive in this complex environment in the future. Workshop participants will walk away with a better understanding of the issues, strategies for being recognized internally as problem solvers and practical tools to become a valuable strategic resource.


Finding Your Leadership Voice:  The Role of Influence
Presenter:  Marian N. Ruderman, PhD, senior fellow and director of Americas and Europe-Middle East-Africa research, Center for Creative Leadership

The heart of leadership is effectively influencing others. Learn about five critical influence strategies—rationalizing, asserting, negotiating, inspiring and bridging—and the situations where each style is most-effective. Each participant will gain insight as to her favored style and to the effectiveness of this style in different leadership situations. In this interactive workshop, all attendees will complete an Influence Style Indicator and leave with a workbook that will help them apply what they’ve learned to strengthen and demonstrate their leadership voice.

Leading Global Matrix Teams: Fostering Open Dialogue and Success
Presenter: Barbara Schwartz, PhD, SVP, executive coaching and consultation, Morgan Wallace Associates, LLC
Co-presenter: Meg Helms, president and CEO, Morgan Wallace Associates, LLCA

This is a must-attend workshop if you are leading a global team because technology has eased the challenge of communicating globally, but specific words and tone – and even types of humor – are critical to successful team dynamics.  Participants will learn how to: (1) approach the challenge of working with different cultures and across different time zones; (2) keep the lines of communication open among team members and minimize team conflicts; (3) listen with a global ear to what is really being said; (4) develop formal and informal lines of communication with their teams; and (5) use technology as a means to improve teamwork.


Becoming a Change Leader (Yes, You!): What You Need to Lead Your Organization to Achieve Its Change Goals
Presenter: Maya Townsend, founder and principal consultant, Partnering Resources

 Identify one method that makes a change initiative 10 times more likely to succeed and learn six practical ways to encourage successful change in your organization. In this hands-on session, participants will learn what it takes to become successful change leaders and will leave with tips, techniques and an action plan for change success. Come prepared to have fun.


Calm Your Inner Critic and Strengthen Your Inner Coach
Presenter: Beth Weinstock, psychologist and leadership coach, Resilient Leadership

When core leadership competencies – making decisions, taking risks, accessing creativity and maintaining resilience – are challenged or inhibited by self-doubt, leadership power is significantly diminished. This workshop presents a model for creating an inner coach that counteracts the inner critic. Even highly-successful women will benefit by exploring the origin and tenacity of the inner critic, learning specific guidelines for redirecting self-talk from negativity to positivity and understanding the brain’s capacity to generate new neural pathways that promote greater self-confidence. Become your own empowered inner coach with increased skills to influence change, inspire work teams and build environments of mutual support.


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