Open leadership positions for our 2013 chapter board

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) San Antonio chapter is pleased to announce several open positions for the 2013 board of directors. We are inviting interested candidates to review the positions below and consider nominating an individual or themselves to join our dynamic team.

The election of the chapter board for 2013 will take place at our October meeting. A nominating committee is now in place, ready to spend the next few months reviewing candidates and preparing a slate of officers who are ready to stand for election and lead the chapter into the future. Solid volunteer leadership is essential to the continued strength of the chapter and all members are encouraged to participate in the process of identifying candidates for open positions.

The following chapter board seats will be open for 2013: 

  • President
  • President-elect
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Directors-at-large – 4 positions open

You are encouraged to self-nominate if you are interested in serving and if your qualifications and interests are a fit for one of the open roles. Further, you are encouraged to discuss the opportunities with colleagues who you consider potential leaders in our organization. The nominating committee’s role is to ensure continued strong leadership, so feel welcome to contact the nominating committee for clarification of candidate qualifications, position duties, or the election process. 

These characteristics are likely indicators of future success in HBA leadership:

  • Familiarity with the HBA gained through event attendance and volunteer service
  • Ability to commit time to the role, both on a scheduled and an ad hoc basis
  • A work situation that supports and encourages leadership development in the industry and outside the workplace
  • Resources, whether personal or employer-supplied, that will allow for attendance at chapter events
  • Current or previous employment in the healthcare industry
  • The ability to articulate the HBA’s value, a genuine commitment to women and to the healthcare industry, and the energy and enthusiasm to positively influence the industry and the community
  • Demonstrated leadership, solid moral standards and ethics, strong teamwork skills, and abilities in the area of sales, negotiation, coaching or public speaking
  • Experience in other trade associations or non-profit organizations as a volunteer or board member

All nominations are due by July 26, 2012.  Candidates will be contacted by August 4th for background information and interviews, as appropriate.

View the open board positions.

Download the nomination form.



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