The gift of HBA

The HBA is the easy button for building your network.

Why join the HBA? Expand your healthcare network
By Debra Kurtz

You know you need to do it. It’s been called the “Great American Know-Who,” but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to build your network and juggle all your other responsibilities.

The HBA is the easy button for building your network.

Expand Your Network

I remember my first HBA meeting, many years ago when I was nervous about mingling before the event started. I didn’t seem to know anyone, when suddenly a vibrant woman welcomed me to the group with a firm handshake and a warm smile. It was my first encounter with Jane Kiernan, then-general manager of Baxter IV Therapy and also a board member of the Chicago chapter.

From that night forward, the HBA provided me with connections to amazing women leaders across healthcare. Many of them have become my business colleagues and my close personal friends. I became so inspired, that like Jane, I joined the HBA board to serve this organization that brings us together to further the advancement of women in healthcare.

In 2010, another woman broke through the glass ceiling in healthcare. Jane Kiernan took the helm at Salter Labs as its CEO. Our HBA chapter, along with her network across the healthcare community, cheered Jane on.

Experience the HBA Chicago chapter and see whom you’ll meet next.

Debra Kurtz has served on the HBA board for five years and runs a Healthcare Marketing & Sales consultancy.

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