Getting the most from your HBA membership, a message from Kathleen Case, chapter president

Are you getting your membership’s worth from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter?

Dear Mid-Atlantic Members and Friends of the Chapter –

Are you getting your membership’s worth from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter? Here’s how to get real value:

Know what you want to achieve and be ready to ask.
Women don’t always feel comfortable asking for assistance, introductions, or professional advice from strangers. In our Chapter, we are not strangers – just friends-in-the-making. What are you looking to achieve?

  • New skills – like social networking, project management, etc.
  • A chance to try your leadership in a safe environment (outside your own company)
  • Connect with a senior leader in the industry (or at your own company)
  • Find a mentor
  • Learn about other career paths in healthcare business
  • Understand current issues in healthcare

Trust in our “radical hospitality.”
My experience over the last ten years is that HBA members are really committed to helping women reach their individual goals. We truly pass along the care and support that “hooked” each of us when we became active in the organization. When someone asks you, “what are you looking to get from your participation in HBA?” that’s a real question. Answer with candor and passion. I expect that you will find an attentive ear and some real support.

Step forward.
Make the contacts recommended to you. Be ready to stake your claim and move forward with your objectives. There are several Mid-Atlantic leaders who would love to hear from you. I encourage you to contact them to explore roles and activities that will help you reach your goals. Their contact information is listed below.

And of course, please contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our upcoming events.

That’s my pep talk for today.

Kathleen Case
2011 Mid-Atlantic Chapter President

Mid-Atlantic Board of Directors
Here are some Mid-Atlantic leaders who would love to hear from you. Reach out and explore what role or activity in the Mid-Atlantic will help you reach your goals.

Michelle Stets
Co-Director, Programs

Cori Greenberg
Co-Director, Programs

Tracy Wolski
Co-Director, Membership

Marilyn Torres
Co-Director, Membership

Jean Lipscomb
Director, Volunteer Engagement

Martha Sloboda
Director, Corporate Sponsorship

Deb Dominianni
Director, Marketing

Chris Hoffman
Director, Market Research

Cathy Bonuccelli
Director, WIS

Erin Harrigan
Director, Mentoring

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