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2010 is the Year of Leadership Experience

As the Chicago HBA Chapter prepares its 2010 plans, the board set a platform for continued success to build on the 2009 accomplishments.

Dear Chicago HBA Members:

As the Chicago HBA Chapter prepares its 2010 plans, the board set a platform for continued success to build on the 2009 accomplishments:

2009 Accomplishments:

  • Programs:
    • Chicago Chapter Mentoring program launched
    • Expanded Women in Science affinity program to 2 annual events
    • Conducted a highly successful speed-networking event
    • New Members/ Volunteer orientation meeting utilizing live video feed.
  • Recognition:
    • Recognized Volunteers of the Month live and on web site
    • Established a senior level board of advisors
  • Sustainability:
    • Established the first Corporate Partner committee to support corporate partners
    • Grew to 370 members with support of Astellas’ partnership
    • Increased event sponsorship to $22,500--and brought in Merrill Lynch as new sponsor

The focal point for the 2010-year is to help maximize the membership’s leadership opportunities for those who work so hard to contribute to the success of the organization. The result 2010 is the year to develop “Leadership Experience.” What does that mean? Leadership Experience is all about helping people identify and embrace their opportunities

  • For emerging leaders:
    • Put HBA in your personal development and growth plan
    • Find ways to actively stretch your skills
    • Opportunity to lead without authority and lead diverse teams
    • Gaining exposure to a diversity of experience, insights and approaches
  • For seasoned leaders and those in career transition:
    • Its’ an ability to give back and mentor
    • You can find ways to transfer your skills
    • Expand business connections and help in overcoming barriers–such as those starting new businesses
  • For all:
    • Be part of a mentor community whether you are new as a GM or just entering business

To help accomplish these goals, the board established its strategic imperatives for the year:

  1. Build a culture of strategic leadership to support sustainability
  2. Enhance Partnerships & Collaborations with Corporate Partners
  3. Enhance the Value Proposition for Individual Membership
  4. Develop “Experiential Leadership” and Enhance Volunteer engagement

With these four objectives, the Chicago HBA in 2010 looks forward to strengthening its relationships with its members and volunteers, to building a deep knowledge of what our members need and expect from the organization, and continue or develop the programs that contribute to career growth and individual and corporate member value.

The HBA is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the leadership development of women in healthcare. Its mission is to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare. Every program and offering developed by the Chicago Chapter is made possible due to the dedication of it committed board, committees and corporate sponsors. I would like to introduce you to our 2010 board and thank them for their dedication.

Cathleen Dohrn, Secretary
Deb Kurtz, First VP
Beata Peters, Treasurer
Amy Bybee, President Elect
Wendy White, Past President

Director at Large:
Aimee Berner, Marketing
Stephanie McCray, Mentoring
Amber Webb, Membership
Laurie Wessels, Volunteers
Kathy Relias, Corporate Sponsors
Abby Mallon, General Programs
Stacy Nichols, Operations
Open, Affinity Programs

Remember, HBA is your organization. Make it yours. Make it strong. Exercise your leadership experience.


Therese McCall
Chapter President
Chicago HBA

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