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Greater Philadelphia Launches Project YOU 2010

A year of events and education designed to give your career an E.D.G.E. What leadership characteristics do companies value the most? Which do you have and which are missing? How do you improve your profile?

Greater Philadelphia (HBA-GP) announced today the launch of Project YOU, a new program aimed at expanding and enhancing the leadership skills of women in the healthcare industry. Our events and webinars will offer compelling development opportunities to strengthen leadership competencies for leading teams, leading organizations, networking & self promotion, and managing transitions. For more info and a calendar, click here.

Giving You the E.D.G.E. in Leadership

Project YOU is based on HBA’s ground-breaking E.D.G.E. Empowerment, Diversity, Growth, Excellence) in Leadership study, which reveals the leadership competencies that employers value the most. Programming Co-Directors Liz Coyle and Debra Weiss have designed our 2010 Calendar so that each event focuses on one of these leadership topics. HBA-GP members can directly align personal needs to our program options.

Project YOU kicks off January 27 at Drexel University with a self-assessment using HBA’s proprietary E.D.G.E. diagnostic tool. This “resolution-setting” event will enable you to take personal stock of your strengths and skills and establish a more effective strategy for professional advancement. Participants will develop a personal plan for growth for the year ahead.

Project YOU continues year long with a full calendar of compelling development opportunities to bolster your strengths while you work on your gaps—a one-two punch that will take your performance to the next level.

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