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HBA Volunteers Honored at 2009 Leadership Institute Dinner

The Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) would not exist without leaders. Five women emerged as volunteer leaders to start the legacy of the HBA in 1977 and thousands of talented women volunteer today throughout our 14 chapters and affiliates.

The Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) would not exist without leaders. Five women emerged as volunteer leaders to start the legacy of the HBA in 1977 and thousands of talented women volunteer today throughout our 14 chapters and affiliates.

We are grateful for every volunteer who helps to make up the backbone of our global organization. That's why we've created a series of awards to honor several of our top volunteer leaders each year.

The following individuals and one chapter were recognized at the 2009 Leadership Institute awards dinner—held on November 17, 2009 in San Francisco—for their incredible contributions to the HBA:

  • 2009 President’s Award: Jeanne E. Zucker, SVP, Strategic Business Development, InfoMedics, Inc.—Jeanne was selected among many nominees as a woman who best exemplifies effective leadership and dedication to the mission of the HBA. She demonstrated a valiant performance in her role as HBA Board Director, Professional Development. She and her team of dynamic and dedicated volunteer leaders endured the extreme 2009 marketplace pressures and persevered to deliver a very successful Leadership Conference. Additionally, Jeanne served as Director of Volunteers in her local HBA Boston Chapter and also produced a first-ever program showcasing the HBA’s Star Volunteers, who imparted their wisdom and experience of how personal involvement is the key to taking your career to the next level. Jeanne’s ability to focus and enroll others in a greater vision—as well as her passion for the HBA and her ability to lead through immense change—are just a few reasons she was selected as this year’s winner.
  • 2009 Innovation Award: Yvonne D’Amelio, Chief Financial Officer and Principal, Vox Medica, Inc.—Yvonne demonstrated commitment, passion, and a drive for results while creating new financial processes for the HBA this year. In her role as HBA Board Treasurer, she mentored the entire team of 14 chapter and affiliate treasurers, encouraged interaction and best practice sharing, and welcomed new ideas and fresh perspectives. Stepping into her role during the transition to a central banking system for all of HBA, Yvonne sought solutions for every challenge and was a constant, positive force during a time of change. Yvonne also led the HBA’s efforts to secure new auditors as well as system improvements by progressing the shift to new accounting software. Yvonne was nominated by all chapter and affiliate treasurers who cited countless examples of Yvonne’s ability and passion to individually and organizationally make a tremendous difference.
  • 2009 Council of Presidents’ Award: Julie Kampf, President, JBK Associates Inc.—Julie was chosen for her ability to demonstrate consistent leadership to progress the Council of Chapter Presidents' agenda, to foster collaboration throughout the council, and to bring best practices to fruition across all HBA chapters . She stood out as an outstanding leader within this team of 14 incredible women who each represented an HBA business unit (chapter). Julie’s involvement with HBA—which spans multiple years—includes her contribution as a chapter committee member, chapter program director, chapter president-elect, chapter president, and Rising Star Committee Chair for two of our Woman of the Year events, just to name a few! Julie has offered wisdom and perspective to all of the chapter presidents throughout the year while remaining open to new ideas and serving as a positive role model in a year of transformation and growth.
  • 2009 New Talent Award: Lisa Feldon, Partner/Executive Search Consultant, McCormack & Farrow—Lisa presented a savvy leadership style in her first year as a leader within the HBA organization. Recruited in 2008 to serve as President Elect of a newly formed chapter, Lisa emerged as a true leader whose focus was team development and succession planning, strategic vision for community involvement and impact, and a focus on Southern California’s ability to undergird the local efforts for the HBA’s first West Coast Leadership Conference. While a newcomer to the HBA, Lisa exhibited the passion and ability to unite like-minded women in Southern California to provide fantastic programming, to advance the HBA’s local outreach to corporations and individuals, and to raise the bar of the HBA's presence and reputation. Lisa’s outstanding contribution led to the creation of this new award for 2009.
  • 2009 Chapter Excellence Award: St. Louis Chapter—This was such a difficult choice with so many outstanding chapters! The St. Louis Chapter— under Beth Hackett’s leadership—excelled in chapter operations. They exceeded membership targets by achieving more than 187% of their goal for 2009, have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of their members and prospects by holding very successful events, and have created a true HBA presence in the St. Louis area in just a short time. They have rallied support from individuals and companies to develop a sense of community and camaraderie that is truly outstanding! In just two years, they have transformed from a start-up affiliate into a full-fledged chapter by passionately pursing each milestone and advancing to the next with increased unwavering fortitude and enthusiasm. We are pleased to announce and recognize all of the women who make up the amazing St. Louis chapter leadership team.

2009 HBA St. Louis Chapter Board Members:

  • Beth Hackett, Partner, Experience on Demand
  • JoAnne Levy, Vice President, Logistics, Covidien/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • Nancy Donohoo, Manager, Executive Staffing, KV Pharmaceutical
  • Claire Keeling, Owner, Sort It Out Inc.
  • Ann Grana, President, AMG Consulting
  • Penny Bemus, MBA, JD, Vice President, Business Development, Centric Health Resources, Inc.
  • Anna Doyle, Senior Client Services Consultant, Right Management
  • Roberta Trost, Director of Marketing, Monarch LifeSciences
  • Kim Manoogian, Vice President, The Business Bank
  • Nonye Onyewuenyi, Senior Research Scientist, Covidien
  • Roseann Mabry, Division Director, OfficeTeam Healthcare Group
  • Michalene Maringer, Chief Hospital Officer, St. Anthony’s Medical Center
  • Wendy Duncan-Hewitt, VP Academic Affairs, Dean of Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
  • Tamara Jovonovich, Principal Scientist, Project Leader, Fleming Pharmaceuticals
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