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Myth Busting for advancement and innovation

The Myth Busting Mindset is built on a basic premise: Trust ignites innovation.

Collaboration leads to trust

To create enduring cultural change, we must trust one another … and trust our own ability to lead.  This requires a change in our mindset about the value of our functional partners’ contributions … and about our own contributions to the business.

Generalizations and misperceptions can impede collaboration.  Please view our current library of myths and misperceptions as you may recognize these examples. 

The Leadership Project helps women in MLRC functions create trusting business relationships through a unique program called Myth Busting

Read this article on the first ever Myth Busting event held at Johnson & Johnson with HBA Metro, featuring steering committee members, workplace experts and an award-winning author. 

Read this article which features a roundtable discussion on Busting Myths and Misperceptions between marketing and their colleagues in legal, regulatory, and compliance functions. 

See this video that shares the message of trust, delivered by 2014 HBA STAR Award winner, Ilyssa Levins, President and Founder for the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC).


The DIA-HBA Leadership Project is proud to provide this 10-minute podcast about collaboration, or click below to listen to the content in 2-minute segments.

Mindset Moderator Ilyssa Levins, 2014 HBA STAR and CCC president introduces the speakers

The Current Reality An award winning author and a PhD in cognitive techniques explain why we generalize

Common Situations  Executives from Shire and J&J discuss common challenges on the job

The Answer Executives from Shire and J&J discuss how they overcome generalizations

Look to the Future Panel looks ahead