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Membership committees

HBA membership committee members work together to engage and retain new and returning HBA members, maintain and grow HBA membership within their geography and assess member satisfaction through the following membership committees:
Member outreach committee
Responsible for chapter orientation and engagement of new members
Time commitment: approximately 3-5 hours per month
Radical hospitality committee
Ensuring a welcome and engaging environment at all chapter events and organization of event volunteers
Time commitment: approximately 3-5 hours per month
Lunch and Learn committee
Handles in-company HBA information sessions for HBA Corporate Partners and potentially interested organizations
Time commitment: approximately 1 hour per month and 3-4 hours per Lunch and Learn session (may include travel to Lunch and Learn locations within the geography)
Insights and analytics committee
Analysis and assessment of member segments, reporting, trends, communications and areas of improvement
Time commitment: approximately 3-5 hours per month

For information about volunteering with the New York chapter, please contact us.

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