Meet Pamela Bennett | HBA

Meet Pamela Bennett

Pamela Bennett
founder and president, Joytrek 153 Enterprises, LLC
HBA chapter: HBA Phoenix
Current role with the HBA: chair, HBA Southwest Region

I volunteer for the United Force for Change because…

  • I strongly believe in the mission of the HBA and believe I can contribute in a meaningful way.
  • It gives me great joy to help empower others to achieve their personal and professional goals.  
  • I love “connecting the dots” of people, ideas and resources for those in my network and the HBA has brought many amazing women into my network.

Volunteering has impacted my career by exposing me to diverse individuals and ideas that have expanded my thinking, growing my network, honing my strategic leadership mindset and impact and empowering and celebrating authenticity in myself and others.

Volunteering has expanded my network by exposing me to people I would not have met otherwise and provided a larger social media visibility and reach for the issues, people and associations I care about.

The most valuable lesson I learned from a fellow volunteer is always, always, always be your authentic self.

My favorite part of volunteering for the HBA is the friendships I have made over the years, the inspiration I receive from fellow leaders and the joy I get in giving back.

I first got involved with the HBA when a colleague invited me to attend an HBA event with her and she said she would drive us the two hours to get there. I was hooked.

I applied for my current role with the HBA because I wanted to give back and pay it forward.

What would be your advice to someone thinking about joining or getting more involved with the HBA? To quote Nike, “Just do it!” You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There is no time like the present. We are all unique and each one of us has something we can contribute. The HBA is a safe place to “try on” a new role, gain a new skill set, learn, stretch yourself and give back. I invite you to join us.

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