Meet Letitia Snyder | HBA

Meet Letitia Snyder

Letitia Snyder
KAM, Regional Business Director, Pfizer Vaccines
HBA chapter: HBA Chicago-Downtown
Current role with the HBA:  HBA Chicago-Downtown Marketing and Communications Director at Large

In this new era of leadership, volunteering with the HBA is especially important to me because representation matters. We all bring different perspectives to the table, and those perspectives are informed by our identities and experiences. It could be geography, education, family structure, race, or sexual orientation. Representation allows minorities to feel validated and allows us to express our opinions comfortably. This creates a team environment where ideas are diverse, perspectives are varied, and everyone feels valued.  

Volunteering has impacted my career by increasing my confidence to pursue roles that I was not sure I would ever consider. Being one of the original board members of the HBA Chicago-Downtown Chapter, I had to take on different roles to support other committees beyond being the Programming Director at Large (DAL). As the board, we were charged with driving awareness of the chapter and increasing membership to ensure we had attendees at our educational and networking events. Through collaboration with our Marketing DAL, I tapped into my marketing capabilities developing a chapter brand strategy, customer segmentation, and targeting. Over the past year, I have served as our Marketing DAL and found that I enjoy growing my skills in this area, along with seeing the outcomes of increased membership and attendance at our programs. 

My favorite HBA event I ever attended was the 2019 HBA Annual Conference in San Diego. The speakers were phenomenal, and the breakout sessions were insightful and inspiring. You walked away feeling invigorated about your next career move. Plus, it was a great way to expand my network. 

Volunteering has expanded my network by meeting other volunteers within the healthcare industry that may not work in my sector but has interdependencies. We have been able to share business contacts, brainstorm strategies, and serve as advisors to encourage each other. 

The most valuable lesson I learned from a fellow volunteer is… Go for it.

What skills have you acquired or fine-tuned during your time as an HBA volunteer that you feel will help you in this new era of leadership?  Fine-tuning my approach to addressing gender parity and equity within the workplace. Being that we are a healthcare organization, it is important that we have an equitable work environment to ensure we provide equitable access and care to our patients. 

My favorite part of volunteering for the HBA is being surrounded by other women who refuse to take no for an answer. We started the HBA Chicago-Downtown Chapter in 2019. We rolled out our first networking event at the “largest rooftop in the US at Navy Pier” and had the Honorable Mentor speak at our year-end educational event in December. As a new chapter, we were in the process of growing our membership and building our corporate relationships. We were off to a great start, then the pandemic hit!   Like so many, we had to quickly pivot and identify ways to stay connected to our current members and grow our membership virtually. As a result of our board members’ sedulous intent, we grew our volunteers through diverse programming, strategic marketing, and member engagement. 

I first got involved with the HBA when I started at Pfizer 12 years ago. I attended an onsite networking event at our Collegeville, PA location. 

I applied for my current role with the HBA because I believe in being the change I want to see. 

What would be your advice to someone thinking about joining or getting more involved with the HBA?  You get out of it what you put into it! Take full advantage of the affordable learning opportunities and the ability to expand your network. I have made many personal friends through my HBA journey.   

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