Market research committee

Join the market research committee to help provide decision-enabling data in a timely manner to all areas of the HBA Greater Philadelphia chapter. 

Our committee’s insights enable the board of directors to apply knowledge and understanding to their decisions that affect the entire membership.

Members of the market research committee have the opportunity interact with other committee volunteers throughout the entire HBA Greater Philly chapter. The members of this committee are able to learn new skills such as teamwork, communicating effectively, negotiation, and also data analysis and presentation skills. 

Opportunities with the market research committee include:

  • Fit to Lead programming leader
    • Partner with the programming committee to prepare and share post event survey design and analytics
    • Provide input summaries for use in annual planning and tactical decision making based on data and insights gathered
    • Partner with overall programming lead to find synergies between overall programming and Fit to Lead initiatives.
  • Marketing market research leader
    o Partner with the membership committee to prepare and share membership analytics and provide input summaries for use in annual planning and tactical decision making.

For information about the volunteer opportunities with the HBA Greater Philadelphia chapter, please email us and put “Volunteer” in the subject line.