Making an impact in 140 characters

The real value of Twitter is that it is just not leveraged for talking; both individuals and businesses can listen at scale to several conversations at once.

For example, at Symplur, we recently surpassed more than 800 million Tweets and 300 million Twitter profiles. The HBA just surpassed 1.4 million impressions. What that means, is that healthcare is not a late adopter to social media.
 Here’s how to resonate with followers in 140 characters:

• Design your tweets for strategic impact, for two-way conversation where there is a mutual opportunity for connecting and the sharing of relevant and personalized content.

• Turn followers into advocates by being consistent and authentic when engaging with your community; in other words, stop throwing out broadcast messages.

• Use Twitter as a search platform, a place to ask questions and post links, and a forum to help you and your tribe succeed—and, always use a #hashtag.

• Not only is Twitter an excellent platform to disseminate information to customers, it is excellent for understanding, in real time, what is going on in the greater marketplace from key influencers.

• The marketplace is using Twitter to extract value: ask, what information do you want extracted from Twitter, because both personal and company brands are projected to the world.

• Remember, social media brings healthcare consumers, providers and businesses together through context and relevance.

• Today, the business landscape is more social—that is not going to change—so post information that inspire others in your industry to be transformational as well.

• Leverage Twitter to understand how to improve your market presence through competitive analysis, product improvement and better communication by listening to what others are saying.

• Be objective about social scoring: today, it is just a reality. Base your engagement on keeping your online presence authentic and consistent.

Source: LeAnna Carey, founder of Women Who Innovate and market strategy lead for Symplur