Make Your Contacts Count: Connecting, Conversing and Building Trust at the HBA Conference . . . and Beyond

Nancy Noonan, principal consultant, Contacts Count LLC   

Who trusts you? Isn’t that the central networking question? In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to be prepared and to be spontaneous. Get rid of old relationship rituals that don’t work.

Learn what to say and do in the three key moments that happen over and over again. Learn how to remember other people’s names and teach them yours. Practice using a two-part formula to devise answers to “what do you do?” Be coached by a peer to make it even better. Leave the interactive seminar knowing how to create memorable answers that show your character and competence. Avoid “ho-hum” conversations by having topics to talk about on the tip of your tongue. Practice asking some of the best “stop and think” questions that build trust and uncover opportunities. Get to know other participants as you practice new strategies together. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you’ll walk away with new tools for making networking an art...not an accident.

Nancy is an expert at inviting people to interact and practice new skills. She’ll use ‘lecturettes’, quizzes, one-on-one’s, peer coaching, demonstrations, stories and examples to make sure you are ready to make the most out of the HBA Annual Conference and beyond. This session is for anyone who wants to use the tools of networking to advance their career, who wants unique ways to make the most of networking opportunities and who want to build wider, deeper networks back in their workplace.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Gauge the stage of trust you’ve achieved with someone and decide what to do and say if you want more of a relationship. 
  2. Get ready for the three key moments that happen every time you meet people and answer the “what do you do?” question in ways that show your character and competence and teach people what to come to you for.   
  3. Come up with conversational topics to have on the tip of your tongue at the conference so you make long-lasting connections.

Seminar includes:

  • Engaging handouts that outline the skills and provide room for note-taking
  • A downloadable copy of Great Connections: 10 Interactive Networking Activities to Encourage Connecting, Conversing, and Collaborating (64 pages, by Lynne Waymon, CEO of Contacts Count LLC)
  • A three-page article by Lynne Waymon and Nancy Noonan called “Cure the Underdeveloped Network.” 
  • Certificate of completion 

Competency alignment:
This seminar complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.
8. Builds relationships and teams
9. Networks and ethically self-promotes