Leveraging Health Technology for our Post Covid-19 Future

Sophia Ononye-Onyia, PhD, MPH, MBA, founder and CEO, The Sophia Consulting Firm

It is evident that we underestimated the so-called invisible enemy which has left most of us feeling vulnerable, helpless and defenseless as we still remain trapped and nostalgic for what we had before Covid-19. Additionally, although the U.S. has the largest defense budget in the world, it is quite ironic that it has the highest number of Coronavirus cases. This may be because of a tendency for developed countries to see themselves as invincible, especially when it comes to infectious diseases. But it may also suggest that we prioritize “convenience-based” technologies such as self-driving cars and private space missions almost at the expense of forward-thinking health technology tools such as telehealth and artificial organs. Furthermore, recent reports by well-respected healthcare organizations such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate multiple waves of attack by the Coronavirus and suggest that previous infections may not provide sufficient immunity against future cases. So where does that leave us? It seems that the answer may lie in and intra-industry and inter-industry partnerships, particularly between the technology sector, healthcare institutions and the pharmaceutical industry.