Letter from the editor May 2015

Connect. Share. Grow. Carol Meerschaert

The month of May, according to the Roman poet Ovid, is named for the maiores, Latin for “elders,” The word maiores also means higher. In May, we celebrate our industry’s maiores, senior leaders who reach higher, go farther and serve as role models for us all. Our Woman of the Year is always someone to admire, to emulate and be inspired by. Our Honorable Mentor is lauded for helping women achieve their career potential via mentoring. The STAR is an HBA volunteer who has given of herself to help the HBA achieve its mission to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide. HBA Corporate Partners designate 100 Rising Stars and Luminaries, each a woman to admire for her accomplishments.

Thank you for joining us this May in person at our event in New York City or at WOTY West in San Francisco, and in spirit every day as you support the work of the HBA.

Carol Meerschaert, MBA, RD
HBA director of marketing and communications