Letter from the editor-in-chief

Carol MeerschaertOne of the greatest parts of my role as the director of marketing and communication for the HBA is serving as the editor-in-chief for the HBAdvantage. Working with HBA board member Taren Grom, we share the HBA’s messages via this magazine as a key communication vehicle.  Our first issue of the HBAdvantage each year allows us to share industry news, thought leadership and inform our readers of the key activities of the HBA.

Last year as part of our strategic planning process the board, chapter leaders and senior staff agreed upon core values for the HBA. They are:
Demonstrated by visionary leadership, forward-looking strategy and the perseverance to drive change; evidenced in achievement of measurable progress on gender-parity and member engagement.
--Integrity: Demonstrated by honesty, transparency and accountability; evidenced in an earned reputation for professionalism, trustworthiness and value.
--Community: Demonstrated by mutual trust and respect, appreciation of the value of diverse perspectives and the power of inclusion; evidenced in a culture that values relationships and the power of a broad, collaborative business network.
--Engagement: Demonstrated by personal involvement, supportive behavior, dedicated volunteers, and a collective commitment to actively helping other women succeed; evidenced in mutual support, active advocacy of a common cause and personal initiative.

Our core purpose to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare is what we do. Our core values show how we do it. Our perseverance, professionalism, transparency and accountability make the HBA the most trusted organization you can participate in. Our supportive environment allows each member to strive to be her best self, and fully actualize her talents in the healthcare industry. Every day we demonstrate the power in inclusion and collaboration.

I invite you to fully live our values and know that the HBA is the place for you.