Leading With Influence: Cultivating Game Changing Ideas Into Reality with Design-Thinking

Shakira M. Brown, CEO, SMB Strategic Media LLC

In today’s innovation-driven world, the ability to uncover big ideas is a driving force for organizational change. Healthcare leaders at all levels are being tasked more often with strategic problem solving, a key skill that everyone should master. Design-thinking is a new approach across public, private and nonprofit sectors for solving tomorrow’s problems, fueling growth and delivering a unique stakeholder experience. The process sparks innovation, fosters a user-centric mindset and gets cross-functional teams working together toward a common goal. In this breakout, award-winning business communication strategist Shakira M. Brown provides an introduction to how design-thinking can be leveraged by healthcare pros as an effective approach to developing and executing ideas. Discover how this mindful ideation process promotes collaborative communication across functions to harness the power of collective thinking outside the box. Depart with the fundamentals of how this forward-thinking process helps teams devise viable, user-centric solutions—resulting in faster execution, improved stakeholder retention and ROI.