Leading by ABC: Using Alignment, Buy-In and Consensus to Improve Results and Engagement

Alanna Munoz, principal, Metaplan, and Melanie Blake, consultant, Metaplan

Alignment, buy-in and consensus are critical in organizations and, while used interchangeably, the terms have different meanings. Participants will learn the differences between these concepts, hear real-world examples and learn specific strategies to create alignment. Gaining alignment from colleagues, especially those who do not report to you, is critical for effective strategy and execution, yet challenging without understanding the fundamentals.

This session will focus on the most common alignment challenges: cross-functional, cross-regional, and home office/HQ - customer facing/field. Whether it's a refresh or a new area for you, choose from a wealth of examples to co-create a roadmap with others that will bring your team, project, or strategy to the corporate finish line.

Participants will learn to apply strategies for gaining alignment in real-world situations based on three key components:

  1. Shared understanding
  2. Power
  3. Trust

With this fundamental understanding of these key areas, you can increase engagement and build alignment to drive results.