Leadership Connections: Breakfast with Executives

Start the day with a healthy breakfast and lively table discussion led by an inspiring executive. A group of senior industry leaders will facilitate discussions on key career / leadership challenges and opportunities. You’ll benefit from learning about the diverse experiences of the conference attendees at your table, and the wisdom and insight they share.
The Leadership Connections: Breakfast with Executives program will take place Thursday morning, November 5 (7:00-8:15 AM). One or more executives will be seated at each breakfast table, allowing all participants to casually network and gather career advice.
Suggested topics for discussion include how to:
●     Be recognized as someone with high potential
●     Stay motivated and perform at a high level during times of organizational change
●     Recover from lack of emotional control at work and rebuild trust
●     Find/approach/secure a mentor
●     Position yourself/demonstrate interest in an international assignment
●     Say “no” to assignments in a way that won’t hinder career progress
●     Be strongly positioned going into a merger/downsize
●     Maintain expertise during a leave of absence or while in transition
●     Prepare for a senior-management role
●     Reinforce your vision with your team over time and through change