Leadership Connections

Start your conference experience with a lively table discussion led by an inspiring executive. A group of senior industry leaders will facilitate discussions on key career/leadership challenges and opportunities. You’ll benefit from learning about the diverse experiences of the conference attendees at your table, and the wisdom and insight they share. Spots are limited to register now to participate.
The Leadership Connections program will take place Wednesday, November 2 (5:00-6:00 PM). One or more executives will be seated at each table, allowing all participants to casually network and gather career advice.
Suggested topics for discussion include how to:

  • Be recognized as someone with high potential
  • Stay motivated and perform at a high level during times of organizational change
  • Recover from lack of emotional control at work and rebuild trust
  • Find/approach/secure a mentor
  • Position yourself/demonstrate interest in an international assignment
  • Say “no” to assignments in a way that won’t hinder career progress
  • Be strongly positioned going into a merger/downsize
  • Maintain expertise during a leave of absence or while in transition
  • Prepare for a senior-management role
  • Reinforce your vision with your team over time and through change

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