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The 2020 HBA Annual Conference's offered three keynote sessions featuring industry changemakers who have leveraged the power of vision to drive innovation.

And, don't forget, all registrants have six-month access to re-watch these keynotes.

A Conversation between Minda Harts and Taren Grom

A self-described career revolutionary and best-selling author (The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At the Table) Minda Harts discussed the inequities and unique challenges women face in their professional careers and how they can move from ally to accomplice. Attendees were able to:

  • Hear what it takes to move from cautious leader to courageous leader
  • Be inspired to amplify your voice to bring others on board with your vision for the future
  • Turn your intentions into action to create to change

After Minda and Taren's conversation, Minda “Continued the Conversation” with HBA Board Member Jhaymee Tynan. This follow-up session focused on women of color and addressed how Minda used her voice and vision to advocate for women of color to start a movement: #SecureTheSeat

20/20 – The Vision of Work

As events of 2020 continue to unfold, it has become clear that the ripple effect will continue to be felt far into the future. Our star-studded panel of industry visionaries will share their views on the future of work.

Our panel of CEOs, who are responsible for the future of their organizations, held a forward-thinking discussion on what they are thinking they need to do to challenge the status quo. Attendees were left with inspiration on how they can lead with vision and voice in an ever-changing world.


Shift Your Brilliance: Lead Differently, featuring Simon T. Bailey

Industries are being transformed at the speed of light. To keep adapting to the changing times, organizations need leaders that reset their mindset. The leadership skills of yesterday will not carry the day in an economy of uncertainty. However, leaders who adopt forward-looking thinking can positively influence the culture of their companies and position it for future success. In this keynote, Simon will share just-in-time insights for leaders of teams and influencers who lead without a title.  

Through this fast-paced presentation with Q&A, attendees experienced a robust dialogue that will yield the following results:

  • Mental agility practices just for leaders
  • Three best practice recommendations to lead remote teams
  • Process ambiguity quicker and execute better
  • Create a permission-to-innovate team culture  

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