Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Keynote: Time to Accelerate for Gender Parity

9:00 - 9:30 am

Speaker: Emmanuelle Quiles, president, Janssen France

Emmanuelle Quilès holds a Degree of Biotechnological Engineer from Strasbourg University.

She began her career as a clinical research associate first at Rhône-Poulenc, then at Pierre Fabre and then at Genetics Institute until Wyeth bought the company. Emmanuelle then held marketing positions in the Hemophilia field before being appointed head of Wyeth's Rheumatology and Dermatology Business Unit.

In November 2007, she became CEO of Wyeth France and after Pfizer's acquisition, she was confirmed as President of Pfizer France.

In December 2012, she left Pfizer to set up Harmonium, a start-up specialized in diabetology.

She was appointed President of Janssen France in January 2015, where she has managed over the last 4 years the digital transformation of the company, enhancing the importance of developing customer-centricity and improving the standard of care offered to patients thanks to innovative partnerships and solutions. 

Emmanuelle is also President of the Janssen Horizon Endowment Fund, which facilitates public-private partnerships in the field of translational research, member of the LEEM Board of Directors and Vice-President of Agipharm, which brings together the American pharmaceutical companies. 

She is a member of the GIP Génopole's Industry Science Innovation Committee. 

She is a Knight of the Legion of Honor.


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