Inclusive Leadership: Stepping Up, Reaching Out

Speakers: Carol Wells, senior director, commercial training and development, Genentech, and Tiffany Hester, director, diversity and inclusion, Genentech

What does it mean to be an inclusive leader, and why is this important in today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive business environment? And how can each of us contribute to an atmosphere that builds trust and enhances the appreciation of differences?   

Join this breakout session to discover three practical steps you can take to develop your ability to be an inclusive leader. Learn how to foster a “speak up” culture that facilitates access to different experiences and perspectives. Explore how diversity of thought can be leveraged to generate new ideas to drive innovation. And discover how to increase your cultural intelligence by intentionally connecting with – and expanding your personal and professional network to include – people who are not like you.


  • Describe what is meant by inclusive leadership
  • Identify potential business benefits associated with an inclusive work environment or leadership style
  • Apply strategies to develop/strengthen your ability to be an inclusive leader

Competency alignment:
This breakout session complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.
8. Builds relationships and teams
10. Facilitates change